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Transcribe meeting notes automatically

  • Laxis transcribes meetings while you focus on the conversation. 
  • Capture each attendee's comments verbatim using our meeting transcription capability, and flag items for follow up.

Capture clear and consistent actions

  • Laxis captures meeting transcripts and outcomes with an accurate record that can be sent to each attendee.
  • Decisions and next steps are clearly laid out using personalized or standard meeting templates.

Unlock valuable insights across interactions

  • Keyword highlights and searches identify key themes or issues.
  • Artificial intelligence extracts relevant insights from each meeting, or across a set of interviews.

Meeting insights and next steps instantly

  • Laxis captures the next steps from the meeting transcriptions that can be sent to each attendee.
  • Our AI identifies key decisions and next steps laid out in one of our many meeting templates that you can customize.

Store conversations in our secure cloud

  • Laxis saves the meeting transcriptions for you and your team to review later.
  • Every meeting transcript is stored in our secure cloud that only you can access.

Search across all of your conversations

  • Our speech to text technology can recognize each participant. You won't have to ask who said what ever again.
  • If you're looking for the best transcriptions of Google Meet, Zoom or in-person meetings, try Laxis.

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Laxis takes notes, allowing you to focus on more productive conversations.
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