Human Resource Professionals

Hiring and managing employees is a mix of personal conversations, legal discussions, and documentation of interactions. HR professionals need to make sure their notes in internal and recruiting meetings are easy to take, and reliable to refer back to.
Successful recruitment and management is critical for any organization’s success. Identifying the correct insights from managers, employees and candidates is a delicate task for HR managers and recruiters, who need to be accurate and thorough while engaging with the person in the room.
Laxis transcribes each candidate’s interview and identifies critical insights that help recruiters and hiring managers to make informed staffing decisions.

Spend More Time with Candidates 

  • Better understand your candidate during the interview to see if they are the correct fit for the organization, and less time taking notes.

Better Understanding Hiring Requirements

  • Businesses and organizations have exacting requirements for candidates. Auto-transcribe these conversations with hiring managers to understand the business needs better and pitch the perfect candidate.

Share Insights 

  • Quickly share insights and automatically generate with hiring managers reducing the time to hire.

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