UX and Product Researchers

Whether recording and transcribing user interviews, or deriving insights, you can use Laxis to organize your UX research.
User interviews are incredibly beneficial to UX Designers and Product Managers but require transcription to consolidate information into a single platform. This is a highly laborious process, especially when you have multiple interviews.
Laxis assists the UX research process from transcribing the initial interview to automatically extracting keywords,  making the process painless and efficient.

Centralize Repository of Information

  • Record user interviews to a central location, which allows user insights and pain points to be found quickly and easily.

Kickstart your team’s next interview with a meeting template

  • Start building project template to auto extract meeting memos for the whole project.

Reclaim time usually spend on transcribing user interviews, coding transcriptions

  • Get highly accurate transcriptions in real time as your interviews happen. No more note taking.

    Automatically create meeting memos and quickly edit the transcript with our AI augmented editor.

Know user pain points and core needs with AI generated insights

  • Analyze interview patterns and uncover insights so you can make meaningful data driven design decisions for your projects.

"The best money I have spent in my life. I saw a 1200% increase in my conversion rates and doubled my revenue in just three hours”.

No One Ever
CEO & Founder

Enjoy meetings again.

Laxis takes notes, allowing you to focus on more productive conversations.
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