Industry and Market Researchers

Better understand your customers, competitors, and suppliers by having Laxis transcribe focus groups and in-depth interviews for you, letting you focus on the conversations and identify key insights.
Market research is critical for organizations to solve problems; however, these discussions generate long audio files and many pages of notes. Finding the "aha" moment can be a challenge.
Laxis manages everything from recording the initial interview to automatically generating a memo with crucial insights regarding key issues, all designed to facilitate better conversations with users and unlock critical insights to understand your consumer or the market better.

Engage in the research

  • Automating notetaking allows researchers to have deeper conversations with subjects generating more insights.  

Create central knowledge base

  • With Laxis, a centralized repository of all quotations and insights for a particular research project is easy to capture and maintain. 

Find insights across interviews

  • Automatically tag conversations and quotes based on personalized templates and user-defined keywords, and have Laxis bring those key insights together.

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