Extract maximum value from every customer conversation

Laxis AI Meeting Assistant empowers revenue teams by automatically capturing and extracting the key insights from every customer interaction with minimal effort.

Increase productivity of customer facing professionals

Stay focused on the customers
during meeting

  • Let Laxis take notes while you focus on the conversation.
  • Capture each attendee's comments verbatim, and flag items for follow up.

Capture clear and consistent actions

  • Laxis captures the outcome of the meeting, and sends an accurate record to each attendee
  • Decisions and next steps are clearly laid out and sent to all participants immediately.

Unlock valuable insights across interactions

  • Laxis populates personalized templates while you focus on the conversation.
  • Artificial intelligence extracts relevant insights from each meeting, or across a set of interviews.

Follow up with speed and precision

  • Auto-generate meeting summaries and follow up emails in seconds
  • Quickly identify customer requirements, pain points and action items.

Capture clear and consistent actions

  • Laxis captures meeting outcomes with an accurate record that can be sent to each attendee.
  • Decisions and next steps are clearly laid out using personalized or standard meeting templates.

Unlock valuable insights across

  • Extracts relevant insights from each meeting, or across a set of interviews.
  • Ask Laxis questions that immediate deliver answers based on past conversations

One tool for everyone who talks to customers

Close more deals with AI note-taking and insights from client conversations.
Business Development
Engage prospects more effectively and grow your business faster.
Create effective campaigns with direct insights from customer conversations.
Product and Market Research
Conduct better research interviews that get you to the "aha!" moment faster.
Customer Success
Improve satisfaction and retention with quick access to customer conversations.
Consulting & Professional Services
Capture client concerns and cases with intelligently transcribed notes.

Trusted by
20,000+ Business Professionals

Save time

“I spend most of my time in meetings and then more time after that organizing my notes. With Laxis, I have saved at least two hours every week. That's not all. I have also improved my note-taking and CRM admin!”

Martin Broadhurst
Digital Strategist
Broadhurst Digital

Increase productivity

“Laxis automates and simplifies the time consuming process of capturing all our internal and external meetings. It also helps uncover the hidden insights with our customers and stakeholders. With Laxis, you can find everything you want to know about your customers, employees and business decisions.”

Chris Norton,
Sr. Manager Reporting & Analytics
24-7 Intouch

Gather intelligence

"Laxis allows our marketing team to gather intelligence about what is important to clients and prospects so we can craft better messages. The technology allows me to have better conversations with my colleagues and clients rather than being distracted taking notes."

Joe Aunce
Marketing Manager

Laxis - Capture what is said and summarize, intelligently | Product Hunt
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