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With a single click, Laxis repurpose your podcast, webinar, interview, meetings and any other audio content into blog, show notes, social media posts, newsletter and much more!

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The Problem

It's hard work to create high-quality content from podcasts, webinars, interviews or other audio content. Content marketers, podcasters and other content creators need to spend a lot of time manually turning existing interviews and shows into transcripts and then write shareable content. This process can be tedious and very time consuming.
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The Solution

Laxis’ AI Writer automates the whole process of repurposing audio content into well written blogs, newsletters, shownotes, social media posts and much more. If your interview, episode, or insights are captured or copied into Laxis, our AI will use well-tested templates to turn them into the format you need for distribution, capturing keywords, telling the story, and providing you the basis for a finished article. With a single click, you will get this well-written content in a few seconds.
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Generate content in a single click

Laxis provides templates for multiple content types, including blogs, newsletters, show notes, social media posts, and much more. You can turn your audio into your choice of content format with a single click to maximize content production efficiency.

Capture detailed transcripts, direct quotes, and timestamps

Laxis automatically transcribes your audio with each speaker’s name and timestamps for each part of the conversation. You can easily search and find interesting quotes to share on social media, video, blogs and in newsletters.

  LAXIS product shot
LAXIS product shot

Collaborate with your team and easily edit before sharing

You can share and edit content with your teammates using our new team channel to get thoughts and capture key highlights. The team can then edit any generated content directly in Laxis’ editor before you prepare and share it with your audiences.

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