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Consultants solve complex problems for their corporate clients. They spend hours in meetings with clients to understand the problem and analyze solutions. Laxis helps extract the critical insights from these conversations, allowing consultants to grasp the situation better.

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The Problem

Consultants have the task of solving complex problems that face large, often global organizations. The work generates thousand pages of notes per month, which need to be transcribed and summarized after a long day of meetings.
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The Solution

Laxis allows management consultants to be more productive by automatically transcribing conversations, identifying and extracting keywords, then automatically generating a memo that gives consultants the input for analysis and problem solving.
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Better Understand Problems

Automatically generating a transcript allows consultants to dive deeper into the problems facing the business/organization.

Central Repository of Knowledge

Laxis creates a centralized repository of all quotations and insights for a particular project.

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LAXIS product shot

Understand Clients more thoroughly

Personalized templates and user-defined keywords allow insights to pull quickly, enabling a consultant to better understand their client business.

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