Embrace the Future of Meetings with Laxis

Say goodbye to manual note-taking and hello to seamless integration and automated precision. Connect Laxis to your favorite online meeting platforms — Google Meet, Zoom, Webex, or Microsoft Teams — and experience the revolution in meeting productivity.

Laxis Integrations - CRM

Google Meet

Seamlessly blend Laxis with Google Meet to achieve impeccable transcription accuracy. Let Laxis handle the note-taking, allowing you to immerse fully in your discussions. Benefit from automated transcriptions, sophisticated speaker identification, and effortless sharing of key highlights.


Elevate your Zoom interactions with Laxis's tailored templates, capturing every essential element with ease. Experience precision in post-meeting transcriptions and leverage AI for extracting pivotal quotes, streamlining your meeting process.


Revolutionize your Webex meetings using Laxis's AI-led note-taking capabilities, ensuring no significant moment goes unnoticed. Embrace customizable templates and AI-enhanced, one-click note capturing for efficient meeting management.

Microsoft Teams

Boost your Microsoft Teams sessions with Laxis’s instantaneous transcription services. Record, transcribe, and securely share meeting notes effortlessly. Enjoy streamlined live recording, adaptable template customization, and secure cloud sharing for enhanced collaboration.