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Let Laxis AI Meeting Assistant streamline your business development efforts. Utilize LaxisChat and Laxis AI Writer to not only record your meetings but also to derive valuable insights and automate post-meeting activities, including comprehensive summaries and identification of key action items.

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The Problem

In the realm of business development, engaging deeply with potential partners and clients during meetings is crucial. However, it's challenging to fully concentrate on these interactions while also capturing the essential details and insights that drive strategic decisions. Manually reviewing transcripts for nuggets of useful information is time-consuming and can lead to missed opportunities.
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The Solution

Laxis AI Meeting Assistant is your go-to tool for enhancing engagement in meetings while ensuring no critical detail slips through the cracks. It allows you to be present in the moment and make those vital connections that are key to successful business development.
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Automatic Note Taking

With Laxis AI Meeting Assistant, note-taking becomes a thing of the past. Focus on your conversation while the assistant handles the rest. It automatically records and transcribes meetings, providing AI-powered summaries that can be easily shared with your team.

Quick Insight Extraction

By setting up personalized meeting templates with specific topics and keywords, Laxis Intelligent Meeting Assistant tailors its data extraction to your business development needs. This feature ensures that you quickly get the insights and information relevant to your strategy, enabling faster and more informed decision-making.

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LAXIS product shot

Streamlined Follow-Up

Post-meeting, leverage the insights and summaries generated by Laxis AI to conduct effective follow-ups. This not only saves time but also ensures you're acting on the most accurate and relevant information, enhancing your business development outcomes.

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