Use AI to better manage your meetings before, during & after
Laxis offers rich features that empower customer conversation intelligence for revenue teams.
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Laxis Intelligent Meeting Assistant makes meetings more productive for revenue teams
Improved focus on customer needs
Pay better attention to customers during sales calls
Fast follow up to keep customer engagement flowing
Laxis sends meeting notes in one click at the end of every meeting.
Close deals
Use AI to uncover the insights across your conversations
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Like ChatGPT, Laxis answers your questions based on your past conversations in real time.
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Laxis AI Writer

You can utilize Laxis AI Writer to automatically generate follow-up emails, meeting summaries, customer requirements, action items, and project updates in seconds.
End to End Meeting Solution

Personalized meeting templates

Personalize your meeting templates by adding topics and keywords. The solution uses these data points to extract the relevant information from each conversation for you. Use Laxis AI Chat for research and planning for streamlined customer meetings.

Laxis Templates
zoom, google connector

Integration with Zoom, Google Meet, Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams

Laxis works with the most popular online conference tools. For more details check out our integration page.

Real Time Transcription and Tagging

Record and transcribe live conversations, phone calls, and video chats in real time. Concurrently, you can click on topic names, and highlight and tag action items and other important information.
Auto AI Transcipts

Post-Meeting Audio Upload

Upload existing audio files (i.e., mp3 or m4p) for transcription. You can apply your own template to the transcription to align with similar meetings. The solution automates data analysis to extract insights.
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Smart Summaries

Use proprietary NLP technology and AI to extract information based on your personalized template. You can use this capability to generate a meeting summary for distribution. Laxis AI Writer automates follow-up emails.

Insight Management

Categorize your conversations in accordance with your template. Based on your topics, the solution groups your key quotations together so that you can quickly find key quotes related to these topics and keywords.
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Conversation Search

Search across all your transcripts to find the exact information you need — quotes, key phrases, next steps, and more.

Team Collaboration

Download transcripts and memos into the format you prefer to use and share the notes with your revenue team.
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Capture customer
conversation insight.
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