Project Managers

Every project meeting leads to confirmation of completed tasks and a long list of next steps Laxis allows project managers to record and track key milestones and document progress updates. Keep the team informed and deadlines on track with full transcripts from each meeting.
Project Managers are in constant communication with stakeholders to manage process, solve problems, and find solutions to complex problems. This process usually results in dozens of calls and meetings per workstream. PMs need a way to hold contributors accountable for commitments made in meetings.
Laxis allows project managers to record the contributions of each member of the project team, and turn status updates into action items keep everyone on schedule. Laxis transcribes conversations, extracts keywords, and creates automatically generated memos that are sent to all stakeholders.

Send follow-up notes with one click

  • Create an automatically generated memo that allows takeaways and next steps to be quickly disseminated with the team and stakeholders.

Identify challenges before they become obstacles

  • Identify critical insights from various stakeholders, ensuring the project stays on schedule.   

Capture statements that lead to solutions

  • Project managers encounter roadblocks when trying to delivers a project on time and budget. But there are also "aha!" moments that may be missed. With Laxis recording everything in every meeting, that potential solution can be identified and easily shared with the team.

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