How I save two hours on sales admin every week using Laxis Tech

Martin Broadhurst
January 12, 2022

One of the challenges of managing sales is keeping on top of all the paperwork. With sales procedures, sales pipeline and CRM updates, creating action items and tracking who said what, managing sales is like running a small business within a larger business. 

A typical sale in B2B will go through six different stages, multiple meetings and calls, and can take several weeks. An average SaaS deal takes 83 days, according to a 2020 HubSpot report. That’s a lot of calls, meetings, and CRM notes! But taking notes and keeping track of every engagement is not something we want to do. Using the Laxis Chrome extension, we can automate this tedious process, leaving more time for sales development. 

I have been using Laxis for about three months now, and I have saved around two hours every week. That's not all; I have also improved my note-taking and CRM admin. If you have been wondering if Laxis Tech is for you and worth it, then this blog is for you.

My always-on personal assistant

My digital strategy consultancy business runs on Google Workspace technology. As such, Google Meet is my default meetings app. Any new sales meeting booked in my calendar will run through Google Meet.

This is where Laxis is so helpful. Using the Laxis Chrome extension, I never need to think about notetaking for a meeting as Laxis will automatically start working whenever I enter a Google Meet room.

As soon as someone starts talking and the closed-captions appear, I know that my meeting notes will contain everything I need.

Annotations and follow-up

Before using Laxis, I would always have a Microsoft Notepad open while on a sales call. While the prospect was talking, I was tapping away on my keyboard, trying to capture important information or action points to take away.

Now that I use Laxis, I use the tagging feature to flag information in real-time. Using the Laxis default tags of important, follow-up, and action, I can easily record highlights to reference after the call.

Adding notes to CRM

The task that frequently took the longest after a sales call was adding notes to my CRM. Using my hastily taken notes from Notepad, I’d have to sort them out into important information, adding detail where time didn’t allow on the call, then populate follow-up items and action points.

The whole process typically took me between five and ten minutes per call. When you include sending the follow-up emails and logging follow-up tasks, it could easily be 15 minutes of admin per call just on notetaking and recording follow-up items.

Using Laxis, I can copy and paste all of the highlighted items directly into my CRM, recording the action points directly into a new task. Rather than keeping extensive notes in the CRM, I add a link to the conversation in Laxis so that my CRM records maintain the essential information while Laxis logs the full meeting transcript.

It adds up to significant savings

Having monitored my record-keeping and timed myself recording sales notes with and without Laxis, I know I am making significant time savings. All in all, I estimate that I am saving up to two hours every week on note-taking, just from sales meetings. 

That represents a significant return on investment!