Master Every Customer Action: Never Overlook a Detail

Proactively Capture and Organize Customer Interactions
and Commitments in Your CRM.

CRM laxis


Enhance your customer engagement with Laxis and HubSpot integration. Laxis's AI-driven note-taking allows you to fully immerse in conversations, capturing essential customer requirements and action items effortlessly. Post-meeting, Laxis quickly generates actionable insights, seamlessly updating HubSpot with comprehensive summaries, tasks, and recording links.


Embrace efficiency with Salesforce and Laxis, where vital meeting details and customer interactions are automatically documented and integrated into Salesforce, streamlining your workflow and enhancing your customer relationship management. Experience the transformative power of Laxis in your business communications.


Boost client interactions with Laxis and Wealthbox integration. Laxis's AI note-taking captures key discussions and tasks, allowing full engagement. Post-meeting, it generates summaries and actions, automatically updating Wealthbox with vital meeting insights and tasks.