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Send Laxis to board meetings and investor update calls in your place. Spend less time in meetings, and more time analyzing your portfolio and what was said.
Board meetings, pitch meetings, and due diligence calls take up a large part of the day for investment analysts, venture capitalists and private equity investors. There must be a solution to receive call summaries and transcripts quickly. 
Laxis records, identifies key points, and summarizes important meetings and calls, increasing investor and analyst productivity, allowing you to focus on analyzing and supporting your portfolio companies.

Auto-transcribe meetings and calls

  • Create meeting notes automatically with a single click for all your meetings with Laxis in attendance, or by importing the audio when the meeting concludes.

Identify key insights across meetings

  • Identify key insights quickly about the market, technology, or teams to guide investment decisions. 

Spend more time attending to portfolio companies

  • Capture and retain key takeaways from meetings so that you can spend more time with the executives and assessing the market.

"The best money I have spent in my life. I saw a 1200% increase in my conversion rates and doubled my revenue in just three hours”.

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Capture customer conversation insight.

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