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Today's "always on" news cycles require journalists to juggle great interviews with accurate and detailed reporting. With Laxis taking notes during your calls, you can focus on getting the to heart of the story and that one great quote and comparing notes between sources.

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The Problem
Journalists and modern media professionals are required to create gripping and accurate stories, identify trends, package the story for various platforms, and be there first or be scooped. But taking and keeping accurate notes organized gets harder when working on more than one story at a time.
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The Solution
Laxis allows journalists to create more engaging stories by transcribing interviews, identifying insights and key quotes, and identifying SEO keywords.
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Get Transcripts Faster

Get transcripts for your interview in seconds so you can focus on capturing the right story, not the notes.

Uncover Hidden Insights

Uncover hidden highlights from interviews so you always hit the mark with your audience

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LAXIS product shot

Create SEO Content Faster

Automatically create SEO rich blog and social media content from your podcasts and videos without additional work

Capture customer conversation insight.

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