How a Digital Meeting Assistant Can be a Gamechanger for your Business

Eric Xiao
September 30, 2021

Think about this…you schedule your next virtual meeting with your team that is scattered across different homes, different cities, and maybe even different countries. You all sign into the video chat and you see everyone’s head go down to take notes. You are now staring at a bunch of screens with heads. Hmmm. It doesn’t sound engaging, does it?

Well, unfortunately with more businesses working remotely, this is what most meetings today are looking and feeling like.

But, what if we told you it doesn’t have to be this way? What if we told you that you could have full engagement with every single person on the virtual call and your new virtual meeting assistant would take notes for everyone?

Sounds like a game changer? Well, that’s because it is! We created Laxis to keep up with the modern trend of working from home. We wanted to give everyone the key to unlock more efficient, more successful, and more engaged meetings no matter where everyone is.

And that’s what we did. Laxis provides an end-to-end marketing meeting assistant solution that takes notes, pays attention to keywords and topics and does much more. After the meeting, simply click to download the transcripts and memos into the format that works for you and share with your team. So, not only will you benefit from this digital meeting assistant, but your whole team will also.

Benefits of Having a Digital Meeting Assistant

So, we know the most obvious benefit of having a digital meeting assistant is not having to take your own notes, but what else. Why are businesses around the globe turning to Laxis?

The following are some of the benefits you will experience with Laxis:

1.       More engagement: with Laxis you can say goodbye to taking notes and spend more time engaging with your team and clients. When people are not focused on what they are writing, they become more engaged and that’s when real growth happens.

2.       Reinforce meeting outcomes: at the end of each meeting Laxis sends notes to everyone on the call. Let’s face it, some people just aren’t good at note taking. This takes the difficulty out of it and provides everyone with the same takeaways that you find value in.

3.       Make better decisions about the future of your business: when you have a virtual meeting assistant taking notes for you, you can really listen to the ideas cultivated by your team. This spurs growth as you gain value from your team and what they have to say.

4.       Better enjoyment: lets face it, when you are forced to take notes in a meeting it can be stressful. Did you capture everything the way it needed to be captured? Did you write down the right quote? When we stress over note taking, we lose a lot of the enjoyment the meeting could potentially offer us. A digital meeting assistant takes the stress out and adds enjoyment back in.

5.       Integrations with Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams: Laxis works with the most popular online office tools so no matter what tools you are using, you can enter the meeting assistant in.

6.       Personalized meeting templates: Laxis allows you to create topics for your meeting templates and add keywords so it will be sure to extract the information you need and want extracted during every meeting.

7.       Insight management: Laxis is the next level digital meeting assistant. It is configured to put your conversations in categories and group your quotations together. This gives you the space to find key quotes and phrases much quicker and efficiently.

These are just some of the many benefits Laxis has to offer.