Start to Finish Intelligent Meeting Assistant Solution

Eric Xiao
July 11, 2021

Not long ago the majority of business meetings were held in-person with ideas passed around verbally.  Attendees were mostly left on their own to take notes all while trying to keep up with a complex and dynamic conversation.  In many cases no documentation of the meeting was left behind at all - as if it never happened.  It was all too easy for critical points of the conversation to be held only in the memory of the people who were there, or worse yet, forgotten forever.  Paper notes get lost.  Whiteboards get erased.  Information gone.

But everything changed recently.  Two important factors have forever changed how business meetings are conducted.  We’ll never go back to the way things were.

Natural Language Processing Technology (NLP)

There have been massive leaps in technology around software that processes human speech.  Although the simple act of recognizing words is not new, such as speaking your account number on a customer support call or saying ‘speak to an agent’ - this is merely matching sound patterns.  What natural language processing has done is not only recognize words, but understand the intent of the speaker including inflection and even nuanced grammar such as the comical subtle difference between “Let’s eat, Grandma” and “Let’s eat Grandma”.  The possibilities of what NPL has to offer are endless.

Meetings Have Become Virtual

In 2020, many companies temporarily sent much of their workforce home to work remotely.  It didn’t take long for this temporary solution to change into a permanent shift in company culture, and many employees have never returned to the office.  Today, virtual meetings are commonplace, in fact, it’s not unusual for an employee to attend a meeting virtually even from within the same building.  Unfortunately, meetings held virtually have only served to exacerbate the problem of fragmented documentation as now attendees can be scattered around the globe and meeting notes are just that much more difficult to find.

Welcome to the Intelligent Meeting Assistant

Imagine a world where a digital meeting assistant took notes during every important conversation.  This digital assistant had the intelligence to parse data, transcribe, extract insights, and organize the information in an easy and searchable format.  Every meeting, phone call, video chat or other conversation could be archived and called up months or even years from now.  Would you ever have an important conversation again without your intelligent meeting assistant?

Laxis provides an end-to-end intelligent meeting assistant solution that does all of this and more.  It allows for the creation of personalized meeting templates for different types of businesses and needs.  During the conversation you can create follow up notes with the click of a button, milestone tracking, tools for holding contributors accountable, transcribing, tagging and other real-time information processing.  And perhaps best of all, this information can all be stored in a central repository for anyone to access.

This only begins to scratch the surface of what the Laxis platform has to offer.  With simple and transparent pricing that puts this powerful tool within anyone’s reach, this just might be the gamechanger you have been waiting for.