4 Ultimate Sales Enablement Strategies

Rashmeet Kanwal
October 15, 2020

Sales Enablement is a fairly new term, some might disagree, but not new as a concept in itself. What do we do to learn a new course? Get ourselves enrolled in an online degree or take in- person classes, buy the books required to learn the course, go through online videos, connect with people who have the expertise in the field. What is this process doing? It simply enables us to reach our goal, isn’t it?

Simplified as mentioned above, sales enablement is the soul of sales as a process and department. How much you can sell, how you can sell better than yesterday, provide more to your consumers, not only in terms of tangible deliverables but also your time and attention. But it is not just one way, it has a two- way benefit. Sales enablement as a process also equips the managers better to gauge the performance of each team member and extend their assistance where most required. After all, we want our employees to grow with us for the common goal which is the growth of the company.

The main highlight here is that sales enablement can help you keep your sales teams motivated and make them feel included in the overall process.

Here Are 4 Sales Enablement Strategies to Get to Your Target:

Different people have this concept defined differently for themselves. None of it is completely right or wrong, it depends on your company goals. However, we at Laxis believe in certain processes and are ready to share it with you. The baseline is- the core lies in collaboration, why?

Today, our potential consumers are already very educated about the trends & products in the market, but they want to be educated more by our sales teams. They want to know all about who we work with, our technology/ product/ service, legal aspects, brand’s vision & mission, etc. Here’s what we think is most important:

Communication Content

Generally every company’s marketing communications are consistent through online or offline channels. This is an important aspect in terms of creating a brand’s persona and remembrance factor in the eyes of the consumer. For the sales representatives, who are an integral part of the brand’s persona as they represent it most in person, it is crucial to provide them with the pitch that is best aligned to the core communication.

This as a tool is crucial for the success rate of the sales representatives as it acts as an efficient sales enablement tool.

Customer Centricity for Sales

Aligning the sales processes that allows sales reps to keep the customers at the center is another tool/ technique of sales enablement. It is essential to focus on communication tools, feedback and Q&A techniques, follow- up frequency and mechanisms, etc.

The effectiveness of this process includes continuous training, reporting, assessments, accounting of data, updates and rewards. Keeping customers happy starts from keeping employees happy.

The process of providing continuous training helps to keep the sales reps updated with new information/ changes in the marketing communications/ plans that directly, in most cases, affect their deliverables. As mentioned in point one, it helps them to communicate with the clients in alignment with the company’s updated information.

On the other hand, reporting, assessments and accounting of data helps managers gauge not only the performance growth but also the areas of improvement that will help the sales processes with the customers. Supervision from seniors is an excellent sales enablement technique, not to forget that technology has its own undeniable importance in today’s functioning, but the human element is equally crucial.

Internal Collaborations

Who has not heard about or witnessed a tough fight between the sales & the marketing team for conversion credits? We all must have; it is part of the game isn’t it?

Are these two departments independent of each other? Or are they interrelated? Now that is a question that you have to answer for your own company. Clear delegation of roles and responsibilities is one thing, however, collaboration with clear KPIs is the way to move forward. While one gathers data and leads, the other sells. This process will require employees to come together & set an action plan which is then monitored by the managers to ensure top class deliverables.

The most important aspect of collaboration is providing feedback to each other & learning in groups. Very often, as sales reps are on the ground, they can gather information that helps the marketing team to quickly tweak or fix the current process/ content or communication channel.

Important takeaway? – set the goals, delegate wisely and collaborate.

Automation With Technology

Technology has proved its relevance, importance and efficiency towards enabling most processes including sales. As per Forbes 32.5% of the time of a sales representative is spent on selling activities, however, the rest is spent on non- revenue generating activities. A large portion of this time is spent on administrative tasks.

Here is where technology can set its place to help carve the path towards revenue generating activities. A good CRM system sure works, but there are more opportunities for us to help sales reps and enhance the existing sales enablement tools.

Here’s how Laxis can help you to improve your sales enablement through its AI & advanced NLP technology:

Recording meetings

Laxis can record all your meetings, whether online or offline in your choice of device. This feature will help sales reps to not only focus most on their meetings but will also act as a consolidated way of presenting information for the marketing team as feedback or expected deliverables.


Auto generated transcripts from meetings will save time from taking meeting notes & making minutes of the meetings for the sales reps. This process will enable consistent follow- ups, sending minutes of the meetings to the potential clients.

On top of that, these transcripts let you search for key notes, speakers and timestamps that can further be used to quickly go through the notes to rewind and recall before you enter into the follow- up meeting with your client.

This feature is also a fast way to gain feedback/ suggestions from managers on specific concerns one might have.


Every client works a certain way that is unique from the others. Laxis can generate different samples that best suit your client.

We understand how important the process of sales enablement is for you and we are here to help you make it better than before. For more information on how Laxis can be of use to you, please visit https://laxis.tech/#/.