How to Create an SRT File and Add Subtitles for Your video with Laxis

Team Laxis
January 10, 2022

Have you been spending hours figuring out about adding captions to the videos? Do you want to know how the subtitle gets crawled through the recordings? Then here we are presenting you the SRT file format that is here to ease your tension.

What do they do? How can they do it? How can txt to SRT save your day? How can you create the SRT file? How can you add the file to the video?

Hold your queries and assumptions for a while. The following holds all solutions to your problems and the guide to Laxis. That will surely help you see the light.

Why Should You Choose SRT File?

Have you seen the running text below the videos, YouTube movies, and online content? Curious how the SRT file has a hand in the video subtitle?

The video subtitle is often referred to as the translation of dialogues for different languages. They may also include the actor’s or voice’s expressions.

Other than that, the captions can be descriptions of the visuals. Nonetheless, both have proven to be helpful and efficient for people with disabilities.

Regardless, in this scenario, SRT file format, as well as Subtitle Rip, comes in. The format extracts the words and sentences from the mp4 file and hence aids in adding them to the videos. SRT files has the following 5 advantages:

• Applicable to all websites -there are no specific standards, streaming, or site.

• Formatting built is unparalleled

• Some resources only accept SRT for formatting

• Flexible and highly maintainable

• Better Compatibility

How does SRT File Work?

SRT is basically a format that can be created on notepad as well as the Word Processor while adding video subtitles. The time stamp and the text translation to dialogs are written in the file.

The sequence of time helps the media players to display the exact subtitle in the videos. Therefore, adding the correct captions is needed to sync the right data in the video subtitle. 

However, it may take you to boil the oceans to convert a simple video subtitle into a simple SRT file format. That’s the case when you opt for a helpful and proficient AI transcription tool of Laxis.

How to Create an SRT File with Laxis?

Our AI-powered transcription tool at Laxis can assist you in uploading your audio files. Own capable AI transcription can generate automated transcription of the provided audio.

Additionally, their built-in text editor is a feather to the cap of Laxis. It aids you in auto-generating the timestamp along with the subtitle transcription.

After that, edit the text to SRT according to the .srt file rule, namely subtitle sequence, start and end timestamps (hours: minutes: seconds, milliseconds). Withal, helping you in achieving SRT file format hassle-free.

How to Open SRT Files?

The availability and low maintenance in creating an SRT file have become as easy as walking in the park by our AI transcription. However, you can open the file by any SRT viewer website available on the internet.


If you are still knocking yourself out while adding the subtitle to the videos. Then, take some extra help from Laxis’s well-organized AI transcription. The assistance and service are unmatched as it benefits you in automatically transcribing the mp4 files into SRT file format.  

Don’t you want a fast turnaround while transcribing your data? Make a free account at Laxis now and become our member while making the best of our AI transcription.