4 Ways Laxis Can Improve Efficiency in Your Corporate Meetings

Team Laxis
October 3, 2022

With most corporate meetings either moving fully online or to some kind of hybrid status, AI tools are more useful than ever. LAXIS is one of the best tools for helping corporations organize their meetings. It can connect with conferencing platforms such as zoom and act as a Zoom note-taking tool.

As a meeting assistant, LAXIS has features such as real-time transcription, tagging, and summaries that make keeping track of meeting notes easier than ever. Not only does the meeting assistant improve efficiency, but it also helps keep notes organized and improve attention spans during the meetings. That way, meeting attendees can focus more on what is important – your company’s goals!


1. Smooth Integration with Online Office Tools

A product is only as good as its practicality. Luckily in the case of LAXIS, it is highly practical as it is accurate and easy to use with the most popular meeting applications. This AI-based online meeting note taker integrates with leading videoconferencing platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Webex. For example, as a Webex note-taking tool or Google meet note-taking tool, LAXIS can transcribe what is said at each meeting, making it easier to go back to the notes and review what was said at the meeting. By making integration easy, your meetings can be more efficient. This is because you won’t need to worry about using multiple individual tools to keep track of your online meeting.


2.  Facilitate Note Taking

LAXIS improves notetaking efficiency since it will automatically transcribe audio to text. Because typists are humans, they are prone to making mistakes and may not have heard everything that was said during the meeting. But with an AI meeting assistant, the transcriptions happen immediately, and there are very few mistakes. You can simply have someone check over the work when it is done. It can also accurately recognize who is speaking when used as a Google Meet note-taking tool. With this feature, you don’t even need to take attendance, so long as each person speaks at least once.


3. Allows Meetings to Move Faster

As an easy-to-use meeting assistant, LAXIS allows meetings to go quickly and smoothly. There is no need to wait to ensure all the notes are taken down. Instead, those in the meeting can talk as they usually would, without worries of missed information. The conference information will also be automatically saved to cloud as soon as it is finished, which can be sent to those who were absent from the meeting, meaning they won’t have to miss any valuable information. This function also allows those running the meeting to get started immediately, even if everyone isn’t present since those who are late can simply read the transcript or listen to the recording.

4. Extensive Post-Meeting Data

With LAXIS’s conversation searchability, there is no need to repeatedly listen to the voice notes. Instead, meeting members can search the transcript for notes and key phrases. LAXIS will also create a meeting memo or smart summary, where important information is extracted based on the information you provide in the personalized template. This post-meeting data makes meetings more efficient since each meeting automatically has an organized record with easily searchable terms without needing someone to keep up with the organization.