How to Make the Best Use of Meeting Data After It Happened

Team Laxis
April 7, 2022

One of the key factors that affect a company’s productivity is how they run their meetings. We are now in a time when the demand for output and results is increasing. This is why company employees must learn how to make the most out of every team meeting. 

The average worker spends up to three hours a week in meetings. Ideally, the agenda on these meetings should positively affect the way they do their work regularly. However, studies have shown that companies are more prone to waste their time in meetings. Fortunately, there are a lot of available meeting management apps that can help companies become more productive. 

Why You Should Use Meeting Management Apps

Meetings are a necessary part of the job, but a lack of management skills can make meetings unnecessary and unproductive. In fact, companies lose billions of dollars in manpower hours to unproductive meetings. A meeting management app is any tool that helps people become more efficient in scheduling meetings, running meetings, tracking the minutes of the meetings, and other tasks that are related to conducting a meeting. 

Here are some of the benefits of using a meeting management applications:

Focus on the meeting

Companies are now looking for ways to increase hybrid work productivity. This is achieved when team members are engaged and focused on the meeting. Using meeting management apps removes potential distractions in the meeting. There are meeting management tools features that help moderators and members of the meeting keep the main thing the main thing. 

Have a document to refer back to

One of the most upsetting parts of a meeting is not being able to document the discussions and important decisions made in the meeting. Some of the meeting management best practices are having a complete and detailed summary of the meeting. With the help of meeting management software, you can document meetings that you can refer back to when you need to revisit decisions and action points. 

Track your action items and deliverables

Running a meeting does not only cover what happens during the meeting, but an effective meeting also clarifies the next steps, action items, and deliverables that need to be accomplished. There are various meeting management software features to help teams increase their productivity by tracking the progress and status of their action items and deliverables. 

Better collaboration

High-level collaboration is a mark of a high-performing company, and part of hybrid work productivity is having better collaboration among colleagues. Effective meeting management software not only gives more opportunities for collaboration but also enhances collaboration. Meeting management apps give everyone a clear picture of how their individual tasks affect the big picture, which also promotes accountability. And since accountability increases trust, it encourages team members to have more collaborations. 

Use Cases of Automated Note-taking Apps

Over 55 million meetings happen around the United States weekly, and these include unproductive ones. Note-taking is a very simple task in a meeting to make it productive. Effective note-taking allows people to recall details and discussions that allow them to make sound decisions. However, note-taking can have a negative effect if not done properly. 

Poor note- and minute-taking practices can be a large factor to poor meetings. Here are the kinds of meetings where note taking apps can avoid those bad practices in various use-case scenarios.

Weekly cadence meetings

Cadence meetings are the regular meetings that companies have. These can be general assemblies, alignment meetings, managers meeting, and other meetings that affect daily operations. Since they happen weekly,  note-taking software can make sure that all items in the agenda are covered. 

Brainstorming sessions

Brainstorming meetings are dynamic meetings where ideas flow freely. Since ideas flow freely, using transcribing apps allow you to record and track how the team came up with a specific idea. Brainstorming sessions can be a great source of ideas and creative expressions. But those ideas can go away as quickly as they came. That’s why you need tools that will help capture ideas and store them in an efficient way so you never lose a good idea again.

Client onboarding

Tying up solutions like CRM systems with a proper note-taking app will help increase customer relationships. Using meeting management apps in client onboarding can help maintain relationships. With them, account managers can take note of the discussion in a client onboarding meeting. That ensures that teams don’t miss some details of client preferences, requests, considerations, and so on.

Recruitment and job interviews

Hiring the right people by conducting job interviews is also crucial in growing the company. Having note-taking apps provides the ease of recalling the details of the interview. No one wants to hire the wrong person just because of poor note-taking. When interviewing people, HR managers will probably want to take notes that are pertinent to the hiring decision process. Having a way to record that instantaneously using a minute taking app or a meeting transcribing software will help ensure that every detail necessary to making the right recruitment decision goes on record.

Seminars and events

Companies conduct various seminars and events to train their employees and level up their skills at work. Using meeting management apps would allow employees to remember the lessons they have learned in a specific seminar. This could also help identify the highlights in an event. 

Participants could also benefit from note-taking apps too on the event itself. By using a note management app, they can capture valuable insights and ideas on the go. By doing so, they record information that could prove valuable to their practice in the future.

Interviewing for journalists

Journalism is a very fast-paced profession. Information comes in droves and it can sometimes be hard to keep track of everything. Then there’s the issue of losing notes when you no longer have a sense of organization to your thoughts as you’re interviewing someone. In these cases, note-taking apps can be great as well. 

Journalists aim to tell a story that is interesting, clear, and consistent to the facts given by their interviewee. Using automated note-taking apps would help journalists focus on the actual interview without the worry of missing out an important detail. 

Coaching and consulting with clients

Effective coaching and consultation, just like any meeting, require a clear set of items discussed that would allow them to follow up or track the progress of their clients. In this industry, note-taking apps help coaches and consultants provide better services to their clients because it allows them to keep track of data and information that help in making better coaching assessments. 

The coaches who could benefit from note-taking apps and meeting management software include: 

  • Life coaches
  • Wealth coaches
  • Financial advisors
  • Fitness coaches
  • Productivity coaches
  • And so many others.

The Goal of a Meeting Is to Bring Results

One of the marks of an effective meeting is when it moves people to produce quality results that give a significant contribution to the company. The right meeting management software can bring a company to new levels of growth and development simply by empowering them to hit the right target and accomplish the right tasks. With the help of meeting management apps, meetings do not just become more dynamic or engaging, they also produce massive outcomes.