5 Best Practices For Effective And Efficient Remote Meetings

Eric Xiao
August 14, 2020

Yes, we have accepted the global truth of the global pandemic which is the first step towards shifting our gears and making things happen. The good news to support us in doing so is that technology enables functionality today and helps us move faster, expands our reach and enables accomplishment of goals.

If you are a marketer, a sales executive, a consultant, an investment manager, a reporter, a businessman, a teacher or a student trying to adapt into the new reality and understand how to do things best, you’ve reached the right place. We at Laxis are here to help you build on your dreams and conquer your quest.

Most businesses are currently working remotely at this time, which means that not only internally but also externally, employees are dealing with clients and customers online through different mediums and devices. Imagine how different things are from greeting your first- time clients, listening to what they are looking for and offering your solutions – everything through a computer or a phone. Now shift your imagination to the olden times (2020 does seem far too long ago). The times before 2020, when you could actually visit your clients/ customers and build a relationship of trust while ensuring that you are there for all that they need. Big difference.

Before we dive into the best practices for online meetings, let’s recap on the best practices for offline meetings.

Thoughtful planning

Great meetings come with thoughtful planning. Meeting agenda makes discussion items clear. Also, it is important to decide which stakeholders are truly needed on the table and make sure everyone’s time is treasured.


Being a good listener in a meeting not only establishes the trust a client has over you, but it also gives you the opportunity to rephrase or put the list of your offerings in the sequence that best solves the problem of your consumer


A satisfying meeting is usually the case when all meeting participants have their opinions voiced and heard. It is crucial to engage all the people on the table and make sure there are exchanges of ideas and knowledge from people with different perspectives.

Registering and responding

A follow- up is the most important aspect of an organization’s ability to convert a prospective client into a user. This process is very crucial to customer centricity, which is an established fact of all successful companies today

Because of COVID- 19, almost all the meetings happen online now. Data suggests that 53% of the users in the US think that the internet is essential since the outbreak of COVID- 19.

Here are some facts on why online/remote working is not as bad as you might think! Data suggests that:

  • There is an increase in the productivity by 77% in the productivity while working from home.
  • 83% Employees reported higher job satisfaction with work from home.
  • 74% of employees would stick to their jobs if remote work is an option.

This data is indicative of the increasing number of video conferencing more than ever today and now is the time where we dive right into the best practices of online meetings. How do we adapt to the new norm and have effective remote meetings? To better manage remote meetings with clients/ internally, it is crucial that the following best practices are checked:

Reach on time

Imagine arriving at an ‘All hands on the Deck’/ a client call after others have arrived. Nightmare! Set your schedules and welcome your peers or clients for establishing good relationships and/ or setting the brand image just right.

Have a stable connection

This might sound like a simple solution, however, having a stable connection can help you register more, keep inconvenience and embarrassment away.

Concentrate and Listen

With the surge in online meetings, it is important to remember everything that you discuss about so you can help set your action items better and deliver your best to your manager/ client.

Make clear and useful meeting notes

Make sure to take regular notes for important dates, features, facilities, etc., that your client demands of you. This step is not only important for you to convert the client or expand your business with an existing client, but it also is your proof of work and accountability in case of rifts with clients and managers.

Did you forget that last time the creative team did not deliver on time and you had to pull up your email thread to keep away from troubles?

Personalized Minutes of the meeting to the client

Clients really appreciate follow- ups, specifically B2B clients. Taking notes of the meeting is one thing, but what about sending a personalized minutes of the meeting to the client with a follow- up date or agenda?

Did you know that 63% of all meetings in the United States are conducted without a set agenda? Stand out of the crowd and be unique, more productive with high return rates for all the hard work that you put in.

Are we done here? Maybe spare 2 more minutes to reveal a jackpot?

What if I tell you that I have a one stop solution to all these measures that we just talked about?

With possible drum rolls in your head, welcome to Laxis. With more than 50 years of experience in venture capital, marketing, business development and product design, the enthusiast founders bring to you a world class solution at THE RIGHT TIME, when you most need it.

Apart from being on time, which is a personal goal to all, Laxis can help accelerate the process for you with its advanced AI and NLP technology. Laxis can not only take care of your listening, registering and notes taking but these features also enable you to look right into the eye of your client to confidently communicate, focus completely on your discussion handwork on building great relationships which is the basic framework of all good work done. At Laxis, we solve:

The listening

Laxis can record all your conversations for you, online or offline and in the choice of your device. Ease of information anytime, anywhere.

The notes taking

Laxis on top of its recording feature generates real time transcripts so you can now focus on customer centricity.

The minutes of the meeting and follow-up

With our product, you can now find keywords, speakers, timestamps to better structure your solution for the client and generate reports for internal use. Further than this, Laxis can help you to extract conversation highlights and edit it to make personalized memos for follow-ups/ reporting/ accounting of data.

Our beta is officially launched. Go back to the home page to sign up for use! Hope to see you back soon!