Conversational Intelligence and Expert Networks

Matt Caminiti
March 15, 2021

Laxis is the AI meeting assistant that can increase quality and response time for expert network researchers who want to take their work to the next level. Laxis generates real-time transcripts, identifies insights using its proprietary technology, and highlights keywords allowing researchers to conduct more interviews, examine each topic thoroughly and focus on client service. Laxis can help with all expert network project needs.

Real-Time Transcripts

Expert Network Researchers conduct numerous interviews, administer questionnaires and surveys and provide translation services. After each of these tasks, a transcriber is hired to ensure the interviews are 100% accurate. It is essential to ensure that the client is receiving the correct information. Human transcribers add a layer of work to every project, which can cumbersome, time-consuming and expensive, especially on projects with a tight deadline – and there’s always a tight deadline.

Laxis can help! Laxis uses natural language processing to convert the conversation into editable text, run-through a machine-learning algorithm to look for specific keywords. But Laxis is not just a transcription service. Its unique technology can turn every conversation into a memo that the researcher can edit to ensure 100% accuracy. An automated transcript's benefits are clear – accuracy, efficiency, reducing the need for humans transcribers.

Help Identify Next Questions

One of the benefits of working for an expert network is that one is constantly learning. Gaining new insights into various conversations and continue to learn. Laxis keeps track of all those conversations and categorizes them, by topic and allows insights to be easily found. This allows client researchers to identify the topics, look at quotations easier and allow the clients’ research professionals to create more questions efficiently.

A potential workflow is the runs insight conducts the interview and records the conversation. Then moves into the insight page, where the client’s service professional looks through the conversations and sees what the expert said. Then they are able to introduce new topics, refine the questions and see themes that emerge quickly versus doing that by hand manually. This will allow the client service professionals more time to search for the best people to help answer the questions and solve the clients’ particular questions.

Editable Memos

Time is money. The value of an expert network's proposition is the ability to find information that will allow companies and organizations to solve a specific problem efficiently. However, clients are extremely busy, closing deals, managing funds, and growing their businesses. After a long day of work, no executive is willing to read a 60-minute transcript for one or two insights.

Laxis makes memo writing a breeze. No longer will someone have to spend time pulling quotes from a transcript for a busy executive. A Client Service Professional inserts their keywords into the topic. The machine learning algorithms can identify insights quickly, and the researcher can manually tag a conversation with the topic. Laxis allows extremely long interviews to be synthesized into small bite-sized quotes that any executive can read after a long day instead of tackling a full 60 minutes transcript.

Aggregates Insights

Client service representatives/researchers are masterminds of finding the information. The world is at their fingertips and their job is to find the best people to solve the problems of their clients. However, they also have to go through hours of conversation and pull out the best nuggets of information that are useful to their clients to generate the report. That’s how Laxis is able to help.

Laxis using its conversational intelligence features will be able to pull the insights out of the conversation and being able to identify crucial ones critical for the conversations. These can be used to help launch new lines of inquiry, unlock new insights for the clients, and make your report writing easier.

Say a Client Service Representative is working at a conversation and an expert is mentioning an entirely new concept or pivoting to a new part of the world. The client’s service representative is able to add those keywords so that Laxis can highlight them and aggregate them into a memo so that the client gets all the information they want and need at their fingertips.

Laxis speeds up the work

Expert network researchers work on a tight timeline. Clients want information before they even finish asking their questions. Every client service professional/researcher has been there -- a client calls up on a Monday morning and wants an answer by the end of the Tuesday before an extremely important meeting with the board. Previously, the Client Service professional would need to call up their network, record interviews, transcribe the interview by hand, and then highlight insights in a word processing tool.

Laxis makes this process easier by using a single app. The Client Service Professional and researchers will still locate the expert like before but now will record the interview using Laxis. After the conversation ends, the researcher adds relevant keywords and phrases and then runs the machine learning algorithm to identify relevant insights. Laxis saves time and enables expert researchers to deliver quality work at warp speed.

To conclude, Laxis is here to make the expert network easier to empower while researching thorny problems for clients. Laxis understands the project’s constraints and works to save you time and increase efficiency by reducing administrative tasks and finding insights faster. Laxis allow you to find questions that the client does even know to ask.