How to Use Laxis Side by Side with Microsoft Teams

Team Laxis
November 4, 2022

Simply join your Microsoft Teams meeting in speaker mode, and use to record and transcribe side-by-side!

Who can use this method?

All Laxis users on all plans.

Follow these 4 easy steps to record and transcribe your Teams meeting live with Laxis:

  1. Join your Teams meeting and use the speaker mode. (No headphones)
  2. Login Laxis web app or mobile App. Record with Laxis running in a web browser window on the same computer where you host your video meeting, or the Laxis mobile app placed between you and your computer's speaker. Check Laxis live transcription to make sure that your device's microphone is picking up your voice and all voices in the video meeting.
  3. Choose a template and highlight any key conversations with a single click!!
  4. After the meeting is finished, check the recording, transcripts, and highlights in . You can also edit and share the meeting transcripts and memo with your teammates!