Introducing Laxis: Google Meet Extension 2.0

Luke Rajkovic
August 9, 2021

How Laxis can upgrade your google meetings

Laxis’s google meet extension adds some serious note taking ability to your google meetings. Instead of having to take notes by hand, our extension will create a transcript for you. You can see the transcript in real time—and have the ability to highlight standout material. You can highlight text with the following labels: “action,” “important,” and “follow up.” Previously, you could then download the transcript to your computer in your desired format, including word, pdf, and txt, which would include the complete transcript as well as the highlights that you made.

Now introducing integration with Laxis’s web application

We’re happy to announce that starting now, you don’t have to just download your transcript to your computer. You can now save your transcript—and all your highlights—to our Laxis web application by selecting “Laxis” when you go to save and download it to your computer. You can then access your transcript by logging into your account on the Laxis Website. Once there, you can manage all of your meeting transcripts in one place. Here, you can also view automated summaries for your transcripts in the form of memos, and edit not only your transcripts but also your memos. You can then use the insight management page to analyze your insights and action items. Very soon, you will be able to autosave your transcripts, which means you’ll never have to worry about losing a meeting! Now, you can use the full extent of Laxis’s web app to supercharge our google meet extension. 

Working with multiple languages? Enjoy our new multi-language support

Laxis now supports multiple languages in addition to English—French, Spanish (Spain and Latin America), Portuguese (Brazil), and German. Some advanced AI features are only available in English. To access these changes, you can go into your google meet settings and change the language of your captions. Enjoy these new features and maximize your productivity from your google meetings!