Laxis + Google Meet Better Together

Matt Caminiti
June 29, 2021

Laxis now offers a Google Meet Extension, which will allow you to supercharge your Google Meetings. Laxis’ Google Meet Extension offers unlimited transcriptions, automatic speaker recognition, an easy transcript to tag and highlight, and finally the ability to download and share with your team.

Installing Google Meet Extension

Before you can unlock the power of Google Meet and Laxis. First you will need to install our Chrome Extension. Go to and click 'Download Chrome Extension'.

Laxis Home Page

The link will take you to the Chrome Extension Store where you can add it to your Google Chrome browser.

Installing Google Meet

Create Account

Once installed, you will be directed to create an account with Laxis. Once an account is created Laxis will take care of the rest.

Laxis Google Meet Sign Up

Once your account is created, you’re ready to learn more about the powerful features of Laxis and Google Meet.  Besides having the ability to transcribe your conversations, generate insights, and share memos and transcripts with the team. 

During Meeting

Once you are in the Google meet. A collapsed conversation panel appears on the right-hand side of the screen.

A Collapsed Conversation Pane

Let's expand the conversation pane. 

An Expanded Conversation Pane

Where you can follow along with the transcript in real-time, flag critical sentences and paragraphs, allowing you to extract more insights from the meeting!

Laxis Features

Three of the most powerful features of Laxis occur during the meeting, where you are able to Highlight with Colors. This feature allows you to never forget an important comment, a critical follow-up or an urgent action with a single-click in a tagged and highlighted conversation from Laxis.  

The second powerful feature is Automatic Speaker detection, which uses speech recognition to identify who is speaking. Allow you to remember who said what!

The third feature is the ability to turn captions on and off, for when you are having confidential conversations. 

Post Meeting

Once the meeting has ended, the transcript can be downloaded into common document types directly (Word, PDF) from our extension, allowing the highlights and transcript to be easily shared with your team.

A completed transcript

If more analytic power is what you seek. You can log into and create a personalized template to extract insights from your conversations.  You can also manage all the quotations across all your conversations.