Turn audio into engaging content in a single click!

Team Laxis
August 22, 2023

It's hard to create high-quality content from podcasts, webinars, interviews or other audio content. Content creators need to spend a lot of time manually turning existing interviews and shows into transcripts and then write shareable content.

Laxis automates the whole process of repurposing audio content into well written blogs, newsletters, shownotes, social media posts and much more.

  1. Upload your podcasts, interview or any other audio file to Laxis. (You can also use Laxis integration with Zoom, Google Meet and Webex to get the audio directly from your meeting into Laxis. You can find detailed information on our integrations here: https://www.laxis.com/integrations )

  1. Wait for Laxis to process. For a 30 minute audio file, it usually takes about 30 minutes for Laxis to process.
  1. View the transcripts. When the audio file is ready, click on the name of audio, view the transcripts, make any edits if needed.
  1. Choose an AI template and generate your content.
  1. Make any edit and then share.
  1. Collaborate with your team. You can share it with your teammates by clicking on the share button and choosing the channel to share. You can find more instruction on team channel here: https://www.laxis.com/blog/team-channel-user-guide