Laxis Brings Automated Note Taking to In-Person Meetings With Our New Laxis App for iOS

Team Laxis
February 10, 2022

Last year, Laxis launched its note-taking meeting assistant, deeply integrated with Google Meet and Zoom, to support the rush to remote working environments. Now the working environment is switching from remote to hybrid. People are blending their time, going to the office for some meetings and working from home when they can (or need to). With the future clearly leading us to this hybrid work cycle, it was time for Laxis to launch a mobile app that complements our Google Meet and Zoom note-taking capabilities with a simple to use meeting recorder tied to Laxis meeting management.

More Than Just a Voice Recorder

Laxis set out to create a unique and highly capable meeting assistant on your mobile phone. While Apple provides a default voice recording app, Voice Memo,  Their app requires you to then transcribe what is said,  and write down the key takeaways, which is a very time consuming task. This limits the utility of the recording, and does not apply any intelligence or sharing capabilities to the voice recorder. 

With that, Laxis is introducing our own voice recording app! Our approach makes it easy to transcribe meetings, flag follow up items and share key takeaways with just a few clicks. You can take Laxis with you to any meeting on your schedule. And because it's from Laxis, the meetings you capture in-person will be uploaded to the Laxis cloud alongside your virtual meetings, allowing you to save, analyze and share the outcomes of all your meetings in one place.

More Than A Transcription App 

There are other voice recording apps on your iPhone. We know that. But Laxis’ app goes much further. Similar to the ability to flag and tag items with one click using our desktops apps and extensions, Laxis allows you to easily highlight key information and important takeaways with a single click. You can personalize meeting templates in advance for consistency of structure and formats, and establish predefined topics and keywords to look for, which Laxis will automatically extract for you.

With other apps, you have a lot of work to do after you record the meeting. With Laxis on mobile, you get the power of the Laxis platform in an easy-to-use, portable format so you never miss the key points in a meeting. 

Combines Insight from Phone, Virtual, and In-Person Meetings

After meetings, Laxis gives you the ability to  search across your conversations for key insights, important verbatim quotes, or to-do items to assign. Market researchers, UX designers, consultants and others  who do a lot of interviews will find Laxis -- online at and via the App Store -- a key tool for betting insight and faster analysis. 

With one interface for managing meeting notes, you can become much more effective at running meetings, and much faster and discerning the “aha” moments that these conversations reveal.

One Source for all Meeting Notes

Laxis Mobile App is connected with Laxis cloud. Your conversations are also available on your web application where you can find more advanced features such as transcript editing and memo creation. 

I invite you to download Laxis Mobile for iOS today, and sign up to take advantage of all of the features of Laxis by signing up there or at Run better meetings with the power of Laxis at your fingertips!