Team Channel User Guide

Team Laxis
July 27, 2023

Laxis Team Channel is for you to easily share and collaborate with your teammates on meeting transcripts and notes. Here are the steps to create a channel and share your meeting notes.

  1. Create a channel:
  • Click on the add button:
  • Enter the name and invite your teammates:
  • Click on the channel name to enter this channel
  • Review all the meeting notes shared in this channel. You can click on each meeting and then review the details of each meeting. 
  1. Invite more teammates
  • On the top right corner, you can click on the setting icon and then invite more people to your channel. 
  1. Share notes
  • In your own conversation page, hover over the meeting that you want to share, click on the share button at the far right side. 
  • Then choose the channel you want to share with, then your meeting will be shared into that channel.