Benefits of creating an effective sales meeting memo and how to create one

Team Laxis
June 15, 2023

Meeting memos are essential to keeping your team on track and motivated. The memo is a layout of what the meeting would include, the goals, and the objectives. By outlining the goals and objectives for the session, you can ensure that everyone is working towards the same common goal. Thus, sales meeting memos help to increase productivity by providing a clear overview of what needs to be accomplished. If you take ample time to craft a good sales meeting memo, you can ensure that your team can hit their targets and reach their full potential.

Benefits of the meeting memos

Some of the benefits of creating an effective sales meeting memo include:

Outlining the goals and objectives for the sales meeting

When the attendees know and are clear on the goals and the objectives of the meeting, they can better comprehend stuff and work towards that clear-cut objective or goal.

Increasing productivity

Meeting memos can help increase productivity because the members know and clearly understand what needs to be accomplished. By spending your time crafting a practical sales meeting memo, you can improve your team’s productivity by ensuring they know exactly what needs to be done and reducing the time required to do a particular project.

Keeping your team on track

When your team has a hectic routine, it has a higher chance that they can be distracted, and what was needed to be done in the meeting might be forgotten.

Therefore, meeting memos can help keep your team focused and on track by providing a clear roadmap for the meeting.

Motivating your team

By outlining the goals and objectives for the meeting, you can help to motivate your team.

Ensuring that your team can hit their targets

By taking the time to craft a practical meeting memo, you can ensure that your team can reach its full potential.

How to create a compelling sales meeting memo

As described above, the meeting memos help a great deal in the productivity and motivation of the team. Now comes the step of creating one. Firstly, one must look out what a practical memo must comprise. And then, try to incorporate those things that can increase the effectiveness of the meeting memos. Some of the following steps can be beneficial in creating a meeting memo.  

The agenda for the meeting

The agenda of the meeting must be clear to comprehend and consist of goals you want to achieve shortly. The basic layout for the agenda of the meeting includes

Introductions and announcements

The meeting will begin with introductions and announcements. They may include the introduction of any guest speaker, the presenter, any announcement regarding the sales in the last month or any statement about the policy change, etc.

Presentation of new products

After the introduction comes the presentation of any new product that has been launched.

Discussion of sales goals

The schedule then outlines the goals, and discussion is carried out on the goals whether these are achievable or not.  

Breakout sessions & Wrap-up

After goals, the plan may contain a breakout session in which the participants can be broken down into smaller groups to discuss specific sales strategies; you can come up with different approaches, then wrap up the meeting by giving an overview and the next steps to follow.

List topics that will be discussed and who will be discussing them

The meeting memo must contain the topics of discussion and the presenter’s names so that before the meeting, they know what they must do and others also know about the overall meeting layout. For example, we will discuss several important topics at the upcoming meeting. First, we will be discussing the budget for the forthcoming year. This will be led by John, who has been working on the budget for the past month. Next, we will discuss the new marketing campaign launched last week. This will be led by Jane, who is in charge of the campaign. And at the end, we will discuss the customer survey sent out last week. This will be led by Bob, who conducted the study. This way, the meeting activities will be pre-decided, and everyone will know his job.

Summarize what was decided during the previous meeting

Whenever a sales meeting occurs, the previous discussion on the same schedule must be considered to determine what was decided in the meeting, what steps to follow and what results are produced. Summarizing the previous session and the results obtained from the conference, we can make changes to the policy and the strategy we used in the past. Moreover, it gives us an understanding of how things have worked and not worked for us. If existing customers are not providing us with sales, we can focus on increasing our customer base; this will demand the workers to do effective lead generation and look for leads that have the potential for the company in the long run. If the price is an issue, we can look for ways to lower the costs, give discounts offer deals, etc., and then track the response after implementing the changes we have made.

Send out the memo before the meeting, so everyone has a chance to review it.

Everyone must have the chance to review the memo before the meeting. People can come prepared with questions or comments by sending them out beforehand. Additionally, if any changes need to be made, there will be time to do so before the meeting. The memo in advance also lets people think about what topics we will discuss in the meeting and how they can contribute. As a result, sending out the memo before the meeting is essential in ensuring everyone is on the same page.


Overall, the meeting memo is beneficial for any sales meeting. It represents a whole layout of what the meeting will be about so participants can prepare themselves accordingly, But its efficiency highly depends on how you create one.