Why and How to Transcribe an Interview?

Eric Xiao
November 15, 2021

Imagine recording an interview for 2 hours. Now, it’s time to edit it. Would you enjoy going back and forth reviewing the audio file again and again? Your raised eyebrows show it would drive you up the wall!

At that time, transcription comes in handy. Transcription is a great way to convert your audio to text. Interview transcription has been in business for ages. However, it was quite time-consuming initially.

The great news is you don’t have to burn your buns off to transcribe interviews. There are several AI transcriptions services, but the accuracy and preciseness of Laxis is unparalleled. So, the effortless operation of Laxis can help you out!

Still, at your wits end? If so, keep on reading!

5 Reasons Why You Need to Transcribe Interviews

Audio to text conversion has been a crucial practice across various domains in the digital world.

1. Enhances Accessibility

Do you record podcast episodes?

Interview transcription allows you to keep the momentum of your podcast.

“Give your podcast a fresh start by transcribing it, sizzling it, and simplifying it.”

It even makes your content accessible for individuals with hearing difficulties. Thus, helping you reach a wider audience.

2. Helps in Deriving Insights

Have you spent most of the time going through user interviews? Do you have a fair share of life in deriving insights?

If so, then you must be a UX researcher. UX research requires analyzing recording while going through multiple interviews.

Transcription helps you in analyzing your recording efficiently. Al transcription services such as Laxis can come in handy. It automatically extracts keywords,  making the process hassle-free.

3. Assists in understanding surroundings

It is mandatory to conduct thorough market research to make any business flourish. It requires analyzing customers, competitors, and suppliers.

For that, you need several interviews and qualitative research. Interview transcription aid in making that data easier to analyze and share.

4. Successful recruitment

An HR recruiter has to go through tons of applicants during the hiring process. It is not humanly possible to remember each trait of every interviewee.

Transcription allows making a datasheet of every candidate to find the best fit.

5. Ensures Accuracy

Media professionals such as journalists are always juggling between getting asking interview questions to providing accurate results.

Filmmakers are no different. You need to conduct several interviews for creating film documentaries. Interview transcription is crucial for modifying and editing scripts.

However, manual audio to text conversion can get hard in such cases. AI transcription assistants such as Laxis can aid in creating more engaging stories.

It works by identifying insights, key quotes, and SEO keywords.

2 Methods to Transcribe an Interview

Now that you know the worth of transcription, it’s time for the next step! The following holds two ways of Interview transcription

Manual Transcription

In earlier times, audio to text conversion was done by a person rather than an intelligent meeting assistant.

• It mainly had the following steps:

• Listening to the complete audio session carefully

• Make sure that the recording has a fine quality and no unnecessary information

• Create a rough draft

• Listen to the audio again to prevent any errors

• Make necessary corrections

• Save it into your desirable format

Ugh! The struggle is real. Sadly, it still has chances of inaccuracy and errors.

Al Transcription

Fast forward, Al transcription has taken the digital industry by storm. It is much more efficient and cheaper than hiring a transcriber.

You simply have to:

• Use an AI service such as Laxis to upload an audio recording

• Take a chill pill till the AI works its magic

• Use tools to make necessary edits

• Export the file in any preferred format

The Bottom Line

Laxis reduces your hours of hassle and blesses you with tons of features to boost your productivity. Yes, Laxis is totally free to sign up while ensuring efficiency. So, do yourself a favor and try Laxis at least once! You’ll thank yourself later!