Engagement in Meeting Discussions Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

Eric Xiao
August 19, 2021

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a meeting and someone says something completely enlightened but you are too busy taking notes that you aren’t able to ask him or her to expand? I think we all have. When we are too focused on writing down notes so we “don’t miss anything,” that’s when we actually miss everything.

Imagine having the ability to completely engage in the meeting conversation instead of hanging on each word? Imagine being able to hear fully, process fully, and stop the conversation to ask for further elaboration. Who knows? Maybe the new person entering your team who says something value-packed would actually get to expand because you are so fully engaged in the conversation you could stop him or her and ask that he or she elaborate on the last thing that was said?

Imagine what could happen? Business growth and aha moments don’t arrive when people are anxiously writing down words. They arrive over true genuine conversations that are free flowing and truly engaged.

Laxis Takes the Notes. You get to Fully Engage.

Enter Laxis. Laxis provides an intelligent meeting solution that allows you to fully engage in the conversation and not worry about taking notes. Laxis does all the note taking for you so you no longer must multitask and risk missing important pieces of what could be game-changing ideas for business growth and development.

Laxis captures conversations intelligently, so you will not miss a beat. With the ability to personalize your own template for each meeting, you can add keywords, so Laxis knows exactly what information to extract from each conversation.

Laxis makes it easier than ever before to record and transcribe real live conversations, phone calls and/or video chats in real time. You can take it one step further and click on the topic names so you can highlight and tag the action items and important information.

You Pick What is Recorded, Laxis Does the Work

Laxis is a smart choice for businesses everywhere. It has been helping business owners, managers, and team members connect with each other and clients in a whole new way. When you choose what should be recorded, you can literally sit back, engage and soak in what you need to instead of anxiously trying to transcribe.

Conversation Search

After your meeting is over, you can do a quick search across all the transcripts to find the exact information you want and need, including quotes, key phrases and more. If you feel like there is something in the conversation you may have missed, you can use this search tool to go back and revisit the conversation.

In today’s modern world of business meetings hosted online, it only makes sense to keep up with latest note taking technology. Don’t miss the importance of connecting and engaging and growing.

The note taking technology discussed here is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Laxis’ capabilities. With simple and transparent pricing, this may be the gamechanger you have been waiting for.