The Hybrid Lifestyle - 5 Key Tips to Mastering the Art of the Modern Workplace

Luke Rajkovic
July 21, 2021

It’s no secret that the nature in which we live and work have become very different since the start of the pandemic. Instead of commuting to the office and working with our peers in person, our work lives have become zoom meetings, shared documents, and phone calls taken from the comfort of our own homes. In the long term, this style of working from home will likely continue as we transition to post-pandemic life. The future of work involves both working from home and working in-person, and being able to navigate this hybrid work environment is critical to maximizing both our work-life productivity and our personal-life balance.

Your calendar is your home base

Missing a meeting is a bad habit; not only does it leave a bad impression on your coworkers and even potentially clients, but it also prevents you from getting the valuable information talked about in the meetings. Being on top of schedule will allow you to be both more productive and better able to manage your personal schedule around your work one. Some good habits include having automatic reminders 30 minutes before each meeting/call and reviewing tomorrow’s schedule every night before going to sleep so you can be as prepared as possible.

Keep your communication channels open - most of the time

Being on top of your communication channels is critical for maximizing productivity. Always being online means you can respond quickly to events happening in real time, and give and receive feedback promptly, which keeps things moving. However, when working from home, it’s important to also know when to put these communication channels down. When you’re doing something with your family or friends, try putting the phone down if nothing urgent is going one; this allows you to live in the moment and enjoy your personal life. Having good work-life balance is key to mental and physical health, which not only is great for productivity but also critical to enjoying life in general. 

Don’t forget the value of face-to-face collaboration

When working from home is an option, it can be very difficult to convince yourself to go to the office. After all, staying home means avoiding painful commutes, being in a comfortable environment, and you can even wear your most comfortable attire without fear of being judged! However, it can also be extremely valuable to get face-to-face work time with your peers. Seeing your co-workers in person not only fosters relationships which improve team chemistry and make everyone's work environment more fun, but it also creates collaborative environments that can be a lot more productive than working over zoom. Finally, working from home all the time can make things become too comfortable or even boring if done too much. Mixing it up every now and then can be a great benefit!

Use digital tools to maximize productivity 

Having the right digital tools in your arsenal to maximize productivity and communication is essential to thriving in the modern workplace. Some of these tools are standard, like a messaging platform like slack or a quality calendar app that syncs with your reminders, meeting invitations, and coworkers. However, great value can be derived from finding products that might not be immediate must-haves. For example, a project management tool like ProofHub or Infinity could be extremely useful for staying on top of your work. Having the right tool to aid in note taking is also critical; while there are known commodities like Evernote, there are also powerful AI meeting assistants like Laxis which can transcribe your meetings and provide summaries so you don’t have to. Finding the right digital tools to advance your productivity is key to surviving the modern work environment. 

Take breaks 

With more and more remote work, it can be easy to load up your schedule with meetings and phone calls due to their seeming ease. However, these seemingly low effort activities are deceptively draining. Cramming your schedule might make you feel more productive, but the more you have the more tired you’ll be and the worse contributions you’ll have. Furthermore, being too busy can have effects and mental and physical health by causing you to neglect certain necessities like exercise and getting enough sleep. Ensuring that you have breaks set throughout the day can ensure not only that you maintain high standards of health and living, but also that you’re more awake and alert during calls, maximizing the quality of your contributions.

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