How To Best Record and Transcribe a Meeting Recording

Eric Xiao
August 5, 2021

It can be a little hectic when business executives use time-consuming methods to record meetings, or when converting an audio conversation into text. Meetings are an essential part of a business, as they lead to the creation of new products, important ideas being implemented and agreements being formed. Therefore, it's important for business professionals to try and find methods that aren't difficult to use when you want to convert audio to text. Capturing every word in meetings without altering the original context and meaning is important for professionals in meetings.

The most important factor is to create a plan before the meeting. This is beneficial for both the transcription process and the discussions. The host preparing can guide the conversation towards important ideas, arrange the topics, and raise any concerns. This leads to a more efficient meeting, taking less time, yet accomplishing everything that needs to be done. It even gives the team a chance to bond with each other after the meeting. Other ways this is beneficial include: it gives more time to review important points, and acts as a backup to any written notes taken previously. We'll walk you through some ways to convert meeting notes into text.

Choose a meeting minutes app for real time transcription

AI (artificial intelligence) has made completing many tasks much easier, which makes people more productive. Meeting transcription is now much easier than ever, especially for reporters and recruiters. The quality conversion of a meeting memo recording into text is more convenient now, thanks to impressive recording software applications to take notes, giving more effective meeting results. Getting the right app to transcribe makes converting audio to text easy. In order to get useful software, you have to do enough research, look at reviews, and do testing. The following are some important features to consider:

Speaker option: you should consider a recording program with different speaker options. Don't go for a program that only has one speaker, you won't be able to record the whole conversation that takes place during the meeting.

Quality:  the output of the conversational AI text needs to be original, authentic, and accurate.

Speed: consider the speed of the conversational AI, check whether it's effective and efficient in terms of execution speed.

If the software doesn't have these three features, it might not produce the desired text quality. This could impact the ability of all in attendance to act on all the issues discussed during the meeting.


Use a meeting recording software to transcribe the entire meeting

You need to consider the basics before you convert meeting recordings into text. First of all, you have to record the meeting, and in order to achieve this, you need a reliable meeting memo recording software, as we discussed above. You don't have to spend a lot of money to get the best equipment. The important factors are it's accurate and portable, so that it gives you the best results. One important thing to consider is getting a multi-directional microphone system. However, it must be properly set up. Failure to do this could lead to some words not being captured by all the speakers. This will make your transcription inaccurate. Other options include recording conversations of your meetings using a hand-held device, like an iPhone. It's possible to install a mini microphone to the iPhone's lightning port in order to get the best quality of a recording. Important things you should remember include: not leaving your iPhone placed on a table, or in your pocket while recording. That helps prevent missing any important information or meeting highlights, as well as avoid crackling.

The best conversational AI to use for minutes transcription

The following are some of the best options available, depending on your budget and specific needs.

Go Transcript: It is an internet agency that provides a high quality service when it comes to converting recordings from audio to text manually. It is not as fast as other options and can also be slightly more expensive.

Google Voice Typing: If you prefer to manually run your transcription software, then Google Voice Typing is a suitable option. However, it does not work offline.

Laxis: This tool is considered the best option by many users, as it is both a highly reliable and cost-friendly option. It can transcribe existing audios with a high level of accuracy. It is also a fantastic option for people needing real-time transcription. Laxis is far more than merely an AI transcriber, it's also an industry leading end to end meeting assistant.

The best overall transcription solution

Laxis is head and shoulders better than many other options currently available. It uses next generation conversation intelligence software. The software allows users to send meeting notes to each person in attendance, mark items to follow up on, and use meeting templates so that decisions are emphasized and the next steps are clearly stated. There are many additional features that are not available in any other transcription software applications, including smart memo, a search tool, a world-class editor, insight management capabilities, and integration with many other popular software applications.