Why your notes are not as useful as you want them to be

Luke Rajkovic
July 27, 2021

Why your notes are not as useful as you want them to be

The worst thing is coming out of a meeting with useless, poorly taken notes. Having good notes is critical to getting the best possible insights from any of your workplace conversations. For more on why note taking is important, check out our article about the value of effective note taking. Increasing your ability to take notes is a great way to increase your productivity and ensure that you get the best possible takeaways from your conversations.

You’re not picking out the most valuable conversation insights

Perhaps one of the most difficult skills to master while recording any kind of information is determining what information is most important. Laxis allows you to highlight critical information in real time as it’s creating a transcript for your meeting. To ensure that you’re highlighting the right information, ask yourself if what’s being said is actually something you’ll use down the line. Writing down everything you hear can sometimes dilute the important points—focus on what’s important and try to ignore superfluous details. 

You don’t have a solid summary of your notes

A major key for retaining information after taking notes is creating a summary of the notes that you took. Summarizing the main points is a great way to retain the information, and having a quality summary that you can look at and send to your colleagues can be extremely useful for anyone. Laxis can create a summary for you so you don’t have to, which is a great way to ensure that you have quality material to look back to.

You’re not engaged during your conversations

90% of Americans report daydreaming in meetings. While meetings can certainly be a drag, staying engaged has a number of long-term benefits that make it worth it. Paying attention will let you better internalize what you’re hearing, and enable you to take better notes. Having those better notes will let you work better and faster later, allowing you to move on to other things whether work-related or personal-related. Don’t let distractions keep you from optimizing your time.

You’re not making the most of your AI meeting assistant

Having the right digital tools is critical to getting the best possible notes. Taking notes on a google doc while trying to pay attention is not the best practice in 2021. An AI-powered google meet and zoom extension like Laxis can completely up your note taking game. Laxis will create a real-time transcript of your meeting, and produce a summary of your meeting that comes from a template you set up. Laxis can remove all the issues you have with taking notes manually.