Why And How To Add Text To A TikTok Video Automatically & Easily?

Eric Xiao
October 15, 2021

Tiktok has outnumbered major social media platforms in terms of popularity. Instagram took six years while social media king Facebook conceded four mighty years to reach the milestone which TikTok achieved in less than three years. Additionally, it took no time to fill the void left by Vine—another such platform. That’s the reason, in no time, TikTok downloads have exceeded 2.6billion, with more than 689 million active users.

TikTok has a diverse range of users spreading from far east to far west of the world. To better communicate with a broader audience, captions are widely used by most of the TikTok influencers. Yes, captions created via video to text functionality is a kind of blessing for TikTokers because:

It Ensures Growth

TikTok algorithms are so designed that they boost videos with clear and crisp texts on them. A study revealed, adding captions on your Facebook videos secures 12 percent more views than upcaptioned ones. That’s why adding text can do miracles for you, as long as you are familiar with video to text feature.

It Boosts Engagement

Another research found that adding captions to video scan grab 40% additional views. Your videos should be sharp and bold to attract a larger chunk of the audience, but sometimes quicker scroll ruins it all. So, in addition to visuals, some resonating words make the viewers stop and give due attention to your content.

It Improves Accessibility

SIPP has given a shocking stat that about 1 out of 20 Americans is either deaf or faces difficulty in normal hearing. It means, if you are uploading uncaptioned videos, you’re immediately losing more than 16 million potential viewers. Additionally, a few significant publishers have reported that about 85% of their Facebook viewers don’t turn on the audio.

In other scenarios, your potential viewer might be sitting at sound forbidden places—such as libraries. It means by just adding captions to your TikTok videos, you can attract deaf people, mute lovers, and people sitting in restricted places.

Do you know? Creating and adding captions don’t take longer than a few minutes. If a few extra minutes are blessing you with tons of benefits, then it’s not a bad trade at all, right?

Let’s figure out how to accurately convert video to text and embed captions to your videos to enjoy all these benefits. By using Laxis, you can add 100%accurate captions in a matter of seconds. Let’s see how;

How to Add Text to Videos using Laxis

Laxis is an AI-centric web-based utility that works on any of your desired browsers—either Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, or any other. So, it saves a lot of your precious time and tiring effort of downloading applications and then set things up. All you need is a stable internet connection and your video.

Just follow these steps and get it done within glimpses;

* Simply sign up for Laxis— it’s completely free

* Upload your video by hitting the ‘Upload’ button

* Select your desired video and wait for a few moments

* That’s it; your transcript is ready! You can download it in your preferred format—docs or txt.

Now, simply embed the captions by opening your TikTok application. Click the ‘+’ and upload your video. Finally, hit the ‘text’ button at the bottom of the app screen. Upload your recently created transcript and watch it before final upload. You can adjust the text size and font style according to your preference.

That’s all; your video is now ready to rock your follower!

The Bottom Line

Adding captions don’t take more than a few minutes. Laxis further reduces the hassle, thanks to the AI-based smart technology. Above all, sign-up is completely free, which means you can enjoy all the perks mentioned above without spending a penny.

So, try it Now. Just sign up, and everything else is ready for you!