The Value of Effective Note Taking

Luke Rajkovic
July 9, 2021

The Value of Effective Note Taking 

Everyone remembers being told to take notes in class. Taking notes was something many students took pride in not doing; taking notes in class is an arduous process that requires far more attention and thinking than just sitting there listening to a professor talk. However, students who did put in the effort to take notes found that it helped them study and retain information. Not taking is an extremely valuable skill that is well worth the effort, especially in corporate environments where meetings can yield extremely important information. 

Engaging with material as you hear it increases retention

Studies show that actively engaging with material while listening to it greatly increases retention of the information. In particular, it increases retention of detailed ideas as opposed to main points, which are easier to remember just from listening. During meetings, it can be very difficult to take notes while engaging with your colleagues. A tool like Laxis can help you get the benefits of engaging with the material by highlighting important information without the hassle of writing it down yourself. 

Having quality notes allows you to refer back to critical information later

Looking at your notes after a meeting not only increases your ability to keep what was talked about in your memory, but also allows you to look at smaller details that you wouldn’t have remembered otherwise. A great way to improve your ability to retain information from referencing your notes is to create a summary—summaries let you focus on the important information without getting lost in unnecessary details. Laxis does this part for you, creating a summary of your meeting transcripts, allowing you to skip to the key points and thus maximizing your productivity.

Taking notes keeps your energy levels up

Paying attention to your notes while engaging with a speaker prevents fatigue and improves focus. Instead of letting your mind wander, delving into the material keeps your mind engaged and awake. A large hazard from modern day meetings is lack of focus; keeping yourself, your peers, and your employees engaged is critical for generating high-quality insights. Taking notes is a great way to avoid this pitfall.

Modern note taking and how AI meeting assistants can improve the note taking process

Nowadays, we live in a fast-paced world of zoom meetings, complex software, and constantly expanding workflows. Taking notes allows you to better engage with tasks at hand—don’t let the stress of modern-day work environments impact your notes. An AI meeting assistant like Laxis can greatly improve your note taking process by mitigating the amount of work you have to do to reap the benefits. Engage with the material by highlighting important parts of the conversation in real time, and enjoy AI-generated summaries of your calls to refer back to with ease. Taking notes is important, and Laxis can help you get the most out of your meetings.

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