How to increase productivity through Zoom

Team Laxis
November 1, 2022

Zoom has become increasingly popular in schools and businesses for a few years. While it is mostly used for business meetings and conferences, it can also be an excellent tool for enhancing productivity in every field. This blog will discuss how zoom can help you be more productive.

Zoom allows people to connect remotely. Zoom is used for personal and business purposes, and it is available for free and paid plans. Zoom offers various features, including video chatting with up to 100 people at once, sharing files and screens, and recording calls. Zoom is simple and provides an efficient way to stay connected with others. You can use paid versions to increase the number of participants. Zoom provides several features that can help you be more productive:

• It offers high-quality audio and video so that you can participate in meetings without distractions.

• Zoom app allows its users to share your screen with other participants, which can be helpful for presentations or collaboration.

• Zoom has a "record" function, so you can record meetings and refer to them later.

It can be beneficial for training or capturing ideas that may be forgotten otherwise. Overall, Zoom's features can help you stay focused and productive, whether working from home or in the office.

How people are using Zoom?

Many people find that Zoom is more efficient than in-person meetings, as it eliminates travel time and provides an easy way to record and share meeting minutes. Zoom is also helpful for large groups, allowing everyone to see and hear each other. In addition, Zoom's "breakout rooms" feature allows smaller groups to discuss specific topics and reconvene. As a result, Zoom is a highly versatile tool that can help people be more productive in work and school settings.

Zoom is used for virtual co-working sessions and can be especially helpful if you live in a rural area or have difficulty finding time to go to a co-working space. Zoom is also used for virtual book clubs or study groups. It can provide structure and accountability that can be helpful when trying to stay on track with reading goals. In addition, Zoom is also used for virtual happy hours or coffee dates with friends. It can help to boost morale and create a sense of community, even when working remotely.

Tips for using zoom to increase productivity

Zoom is a video meeting application that can be used for various purposes, from holding team meetings to giving presentations. Zoom can be a precious productivity tool, but only if used correctly. There are a few tips for using Zoom to increase productivity:

• Schedule Zoom meetings in advance and send out reminders to all participants. It will help ensure everyone is on time and prepared for the meeting.

• Companies should keep their Zoom meetings as short as possible in which all the points are covered. If an appointment is dragging on, end it early rather than letting it run over its allotted time.

• Mute audio and disabling video can help reduce distractions and improve focus. If possible, we can mute participants unless they are speaking.

• Use the chat function to share links or other resources during the meeting rather than trying to describe them verbally. Everyone can easily get those links and other materials with a single click.

• Take advantage of Zoom's screen sharing feature to give presentations or demo software. It would save time and make it easier for everyone to follow along.

• Use the chat function to share links or other resources during the meeting ratherthan trying to describe them verbally

Following these tips can make Zoom meetings more productive and efficient.

Note Taking App

There isn't a note-taking feature or capability in the Zoom application (pc or internet). In combination with your Zoom application, users will also need to use a note-taking or document tool to take notes.

To let you concentrate on the discussion rather than writing notes, Laxis AI note taker is any easy to use and an affordable solution that let you records, transcribes, and summarizes the important points from your Zoom meetings. 


A zoom is an excellent tool for productivity enhancement. Zoom offers a variety of features that make it easy to stay connected with colleagues and clients, including video conferencing, screen sharing, and file sharing. Zoom also offers enterprise-grade security features, making it a secure platform for business communications. In addition, Zoom is incredibly easy to use, and its user-friendly interface makes it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes. Zoom is a versatile and affordable solution that can help enterprises to improve their productivity and efficiency. As a result, Zoom is the perfect tool for businesses looking to improve their communication and collaboration.