Transcribing voicemail to text automatically with Laxis

Team Laxis
December 9, 2021

It gets harder to listen to your voice memo when you’re busy outside, stuck in a meeting, or running out of time. Let it be a voicemail sent by your loved ones or some business-related recording. In such cases, the AI transcription by Laxis can lend you a hand.

How can Laxis help you? Its audio to text feature can assist you to convert the audio to text. A hassle-free guide is given below that will help you make head and tail about saving and transcribing voicemail to text automatically.

How to save the audio memo?

There are a few steps in total you might need to follow:

1. Click your phone app

2. For iOS- reach out the button at the far-right bottom with the voicemail icon

3. In the case of an Android- tap in three dots in the upper right corner

4. Select the audio memo you want to save

5. Now choose the share option- it can appear like an arrow pointing outward

6. Two options will be given- either download them in notes or voice memo section

Now, you have got your audio memo recorded on your phone. You can retrieve the audio file at any time.

How to export your audio file from your mobile?


Do you have an iPhone? Your notes and voice memo must be connected to your iCloud id. For this to happen, you must have enough storage. So, the data can be backed up by iCloud.

You may also wish to save the audio memo to your device. In that case, after step six, jump over to the “AirDrop.” After that, you’ll receive a pop-up notification. Then, you can save the audio file to your desired location in the device for AI transcription.


After step three, you might see all of your voicemails. Now, you just have to select the voice memo, you need to save. A dialog box will appear, depending on the mobile phone model. Archive, Export, and Save.

You can choose any of them and get the voice file exported to the preferred location. Now, you’re good to get your voicemail to text transcribed by Laxis AI transcription.

Get your audio to text transcribed by Laxis

Laxis Intelligent Assistant helps you in getting your voicemails converted into text at the very instant. After login to Laxis, you can upload your audio file and Laxis will get your audio memo transcribed in no time by our efficient and reliable AI transcription. You can even edit your transcript data, highlight, download and share with your team.

You may have interest in knowing the offered plans of Laxis. Laxis offers three different plans: Starter, Basic, and Premium. The cherry to top: we also offer a free tutorial of our AI transcription. You may visit the Laxis site for further detailed plans. You can always opt for the desired plan and upload your voicemail in the inserting section of Laxis.

The Bottom Line

We have clued up a professional and efficient approach for you at Laxis. Here you get voicemail to text conversion as well as you can always search your audio to text by keywords by AI transcription at Laxis.